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2023-2024 PMLECA Board Members



President: James Pavlovsky

First VPNick Trama

Second VP: Mark Zimmerman

Treasurer: Kevin Trimble 

Corresponding Secretary: Joseph Cassar

Recording Secretary: Joseph Cassar

Legal Advisor: Bob Bernathy, Esq.*


Sammy Filardi

Charlie Rishel

Blaise James

Abby Gillick

PMLE Board Meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at 1 pm.​


If you wish to receive copies of the monthly minutes once they are approved, please e-mail




Committee Heads:

Bingo: Joe Cassar

Central Water: James Pavlovsky

Finance: Kevin Trimble

Grievance: Abby Gillick

Maintenance: Mark Zimmerman

Planning: Blaise James

Property Evaluation: Kevin Trimble

Public Safety: Charlie Rishel

Social: Sammy Filardi

Social Media: Blaise James

Snack Bar: Sammy Filardi

Recreation: Sammy Filardi

Rules & Bylaws: Blaise James

Welcoming: Abby Gillick


Office Supervisor: Isobel Pelitsch*

* Non-Board Members


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January 2024 Board Meeting Agenda
Saturday February 17, 2024, 1 pm

Agenda -February 17th, 2024 .jpg
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