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Rule 27 Fireworks

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Resolution - Policy Change - Short Term
Resolution - Rule Change - Refuse - Garb

Rule 22: Driveways


 Existing driveways to be paved must meet current Driveway standards as outlines in the current constructions requirements.  


   Constructions Requirements:  Section 10-Driveways (a) "All driveways shall be constructed so as not to impair drainage within the right-of-way, alter the stability of the improved area, or change the drainage of adjacent areas.  No increase in the flow of water onto the roadway or right of way or onto the property of others will be permitted".



Rule 7: Motor Vehicles


C: Parking: "No vehicle, alone or in conjunction with any other vehicle shall be parked on any road or street within the subdivision so to impede with snow removal or traffic flow"


2)"Parking within four feet of the edge of any road or street is prohibited from November 15 to April 15th

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